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Monoline MLM Plan

Monoline MLM Plan is a straight line MLM Plan which consists of only one leg for each member. It is also known as single leg MLM Plan or Linear MLM Plan.

What is Monoline Plan

The concept is so simple as its name says. It’s all about pertaining to fall into the same "mono" (Single) line.

Monoline MLM Plan is the most attractive single line MLM compensation plan in the network marketing industry and also the simplest business model that anyone can understand.

In the upcoming years, Monoline marketing Plan will be the most popular MLM plan in Multilevel Marketing business. The most interesting fact of Monoline Marketing Plan is that it has only one leg to work.

Every member automatically goes down once new member join. In MLM Monoline system, you will receive monthly revenue which overrides on everyone below you, even those you do not sponsor.