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Unilevel MLM Plan

Unilevel MLM Software is a web based application that maintains the Unilevel MLM plan and to keep track on downline’s incomes and expenditure.

What is Unilevel Plan

This Unilevel MLM Software is systemized with all the activities those are done by the MLM companies.

Unilevel MLM Plan is an unlimited width plan, that allows you to sponsor only one line of distributors, so everyone you sponsor is on your frontline (i.e no spillover). As there is no further restriction, you can build stronger and longer (length) network down the line. Unilevel MLM plan is efficient for all kind of MLM organizations whether they are small or big.

Unilevel Matrix is one of the most effortless and simple concepts in MLM industry. It is very simple to convey unilevel Plan as compared to others. In uni level plan one can sponsor as many distributors as they like, and they need to place all of them on their frontline.

How does Unilevel MLM Plan work?

In a unilevel plan, a distributor typically sponsors as many distributors as his frontline. There is no limit as to the number of distributors that one can sponsor. For instance, in the above MLM plan, the distributor A has sponsored the distributors B, C, D, E, ∞ who are his frontline.

The distributors B, C, E, are free to sponsor as many distributors as they like. The main advantage of unilevel plan is that, as there is no limit on the number of distributors one can sponsor, the more number of sponsors, the more is the commission.