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Hybrid MLM Plan

Hybrid Unilevel plans came into existence in 1985. Hybrid-unilevel consists of one sales force classification. Here, everyone can be considered as a distributor.

What is Hybrid Plan

In the case of Hybrid Uni Levels, sponsors can achieve the monthly qualifying volume with the help of total organizational volume or with the help of volume within a specific number of levels.

Sales leaders can surplus the income from them. They never have to replace the volume in a Breakaway. The Percentages for the Hybrid Uni Levels are given in the downline of personal volumes.

With the help of a Hybrid Unilevel Plan, those who are in the downline will make a higher than the average percentage commission for the people they sponsor.


Classic back office, where the featured are placed for the easy access. Complete System overview in the dashboard. Easy navigation for easy operations.


Genealogy Tree is a user-friendly approach to representing the down-line members under you. It describes of team structure in the form of a tree.


Many options are available to explore the team. Users can use convenient option to explore their network.

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