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Board MLM Plan

Board MLM Plan, also known as Revolving Matrix Plan is suitable for a limited number of people.

What is Board Plan

The design of the Board Plan is a 2X2 Matrix.It is also known as 2X2 Matrix Cycle and it always follows the sponsor Board/Matrix Cycle.

It has a few members on it depending on the type of board plan in usage. The commonly adopted board plan is 2x2 board plan where in each member has to recruit two other people.

This continues till all the positions in the board is filled. When the number of members exceeds the limit of the board, it is split into two sub-boards and the top member is promoted to the higher level. This keeps repeating every time a board reaches the maximum allowed members.

How does Board MLM Plan work?

It reduces the manual work done by the MLM companies. Matrix MLM Software is efficient for MLM organizations of all sizes, whether they are small or big.Matrix MLM Plan is known as Ladder Plan or Forced Matrix Plan comes under the category of MLM compensation plans which is similar to a pyramid. Compensation structure consisting of a certain width and depth forms the core of this MLM Plan, represented by the formula ‘width x depth’.